List of Known Internet Providers That Requires VPN

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If you have purchased our service recently and having issues then make sure to check this list to see if your ISP is not the one where you need a VPN.

Here is the list of known ISPs where you need a VPN:

VPN Required

Rogers NB & NL ON= VPN


Most UK ISPs = VPN

GVTC Texas = VPN

Cik Telecom - PQ & ON (Canada)

Bravo Telecom - Canada

Execulink - Canada

Infinitum - Mexico

Special Settings required:

AT&T =

You will need the AT&T Home Manager app and navigate to App Preferences and toggle off the "Enable Security " setting. (Disable security)

NetGear =

To turn NETGEAR Armor on or off using your mobile device:

Connect your mobile device to your Nighthawk or Orbi router’s WiFi network.

Launch the Nighthawk or Orbi app.

The Dashboard displays.

In the top-left corner, tap the Home or Cloud icon.

Note: The icon varies depending on your router’s settings.

Tap SETTINGS > Security.

If prompted, enter your NETGEAR account credentials and tap NETGEAR SIGN IN.

On the NETGEAR Armor page, tap the Enable NETGEAR Armor slider to turn NETGEAR Armor off.

Hughes net Satellite

Change DNS to Google or cloud flare

If the issue persists and you are still having issues then please follow this link and open a ticket.

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